Limp Bizkit’s Still Sucks Tour: Nostalgia and Mayhem at Manchester Academy

As a 34-year-old who worshipped Limp Bizkit during my teenage years, I had never seen them live before. So, when the opportunity arose to catch them at Manchester Academy for their rescheduled Still Sucks Tour, I was absolutely stoked. As I half expected the crowd was primarily in my age range, making the entire experience feel like a nostalgic trip back to the early 2000s.

Before Limp Bizkit took the stage, the night kicked off with gripping support slots from BLACKGOLD and WARGASM. Both bands showcased their unique sound and stage presence, effectively setting the tone for the headlining act and ensuring that the audience was ready for the mayhem that would ensue.

From the moment Limp Bizkit took the stage, opening with “Show Me What You Got”, it was apparent that they still had the ability to whip the crowd into a frenzy. The energy in the room was palpable, with fans singing along to every word and bouncing with enthusiasm throughout the entire set.

Lead singer Fred Durst, now in his 50s, still managed to command the stage with the same swagger and attitude that made him a household name two decades ago. The band’s performance of newer tracks such as “Out of Style”, “Pill Popper”, and “Dirty Rotten Bizkit” showcased their continued commitment to making music that’s both edgy and entertaining.

But it was the classic hits that truly ignited the audience. When the unmistakable opening notes of “Rollin'” blasted through the speakers, the entire venue erupted into a massive sing-along, with people jumping and dancing like it was 2001 all over again.

The nostalgia trip continued with iconic tracks like “Hot Dog”, “My Generation”, “Livin’ It Up”, and “My Way”, each song met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the crowd. A brief DJ interlude kept the energy levels high, as fans eagerly anticipated the next set of classics.

When the band launched into a medley of “I’m Broke”, “Counterfeit”, and “Pollution”, it was clear that the night was far from over. As they played “Nookie” and “Full Nelson”, the crowd continued to rock out, sweat-drenched and ecstatic.

Limp Bizkit also treated fans to a tour debut performance of “Walking Away”, perfectly blending their heavy riffs and melodic hooks. The show reached its climax with “Take a Look Around” and a cover of The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”, which transitioned into INXS’s “Never Tear Us Apart” before finishing with “Faith”, a cover of the George Michael classic.

The night concluded with an adrenaline-pumping performance of “Break Stuff”, leaving the crowd exhausted but satisfied, with the memories of our youth rekindled by an unforgettable live show.


Show Me What You Got
Out of Style
Pill Popper
Dirty Rotten Bizkit
DJ Interlude
Hot Dog
My Generation
Livin’ It Up
My Way
Eat You Alive
I’m Broke / Counterfeit / Pollution
Full Nelson
Walking Away (Tour debut)
Take a Look Around
Behind Blue Eyes
Dad Vibes
Break Stuff

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